Are You Ready For AfroSeeds?

This review will cover the first three available chapters, with a full review of the first volume to come at a later date.Disclaimer: I was financially compensated for this...

7 months ago

Latest Post Are You Ready For AfroSeeds? by Michael Wilkerson

This review will cover the first three available chapters, with a full review of the first volume to come at a later date.

Disclaimer: I was financially compensated for this review, however in no way did this influence my review. I repeat, in no way does this impact my opinion on this (or any other) media.

For this review I'll be covering a new manga series from a new publisher out of Dallas, known as Mastermind Comics. I recently had one of their writers reach out and they wanted to talk about one of their series. Spoilers ahead!

On The Company

Mastermind Comics is a media company with a focus on manga, anime, and comics. AfroSeeds is one of the first launched works with more to come down the pipeline, they also have an interest in music as well. They host events for the local Dallas community as well. They bill themselves as a company that "wants to show a new age [of] manga for indigenous people."

On The Manga

AfroSeeds itself is a story with the focus on the main character Amenhotep. He is a young boy in the city of Manhattan living a normal, scrappy, every day life with his parents. Unfortunately for Amenhotep tragedy strikes one day after school when his father suffers from a possible heart attack and passes away. Shortly thereafter he is informed his mother also has passed away in an accidental shooting and is threatened by the very police who are informing him of this after the poor boy emotionally charged, lashes out at them.

Amenhotep is left alone, despondent, and without purpose until he attempts to save a local school friend of his from a bully who possess what appears to be faster than normal reflexes and strength. Unfortunately Amenhotep gets it his rear end handed to him before another, equally physically impressive gentleman steps in and saves him.

This gentleman, later introduced as Maut saves Amenhotep and cryptically asks Amenhotep who he hints may have his own latent abilities yet to be seen, if he thinks the cards dealt to him have been fair. After taking him under his wing we also find out after this that the man who beat his friend was actually his schoolmates cousin, and is directly involved in a backdoor cabal of people who Maut may be involved in as well.

On The Art

The art for AfroSeeds is extremely clean and minimal. The panel shading really draw attention to scenes or objects neatly and convey a surprising amount of emotion from the characters facial features without heavy artwork seen is other media. The attention to detail (especially on the background) is exceptional for manga and you can really tell how much care goes into every stroke. Unfortunately this however can lead to some squishing of bodies in full profile and the writing itself could use a second set of eyes as it doesn't flow quite so naturally when said aloud or even in your head.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately AfroSeeds shows a lot of promise for a partially completely first volume and I look forward to reading (and reviewing) the full first volume as well as any other works that come out of Mastermind Comics. If you want learn more about them you can find their more on their website, as well as their social media accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram. If you'd like to pick up any of their merchandise (including t-shirts, physical manga chapters, and more) check out their shop.

Michael Wilkerson

Published 7 months ago